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What we do

by PHOA anarchist

You know that i love you
And i know you love me too
There's a lot more we can say
Than what we can actually do

I don't want to lie to you
In your pants i try to get
I hope to make you moan
And make you grow wet

I don't want to make you feel
Like that's all i want from you
Because baby, i promise its not
All i want is to love you

Which sweetie, I do so much
That will never change i swear
And I'm sorry for trying so fast
To get in your underwear

When you sit on top of me
You make it feel so good
Just they way you move on me
Makes me stiff as wood

When we were in the basement
And up against you i pressed
And in the back of the van
When i began to kiss your chest

I kissed you down to your zipper
But i dare not yet open it
We've never done anything like this
To pull them down, I'll wait a bit

Until you are okay with what
I tried to do that day
Against the fridge you were
Later on your bed we lay

But it was too late to
Make out on your sheets
Because my mom got there
My face felt red like beets

What we've thought about doing
I know I'll have to wait
But what we do now is fine
Actually it is great

How you sit on me and
Move like a waves ripple
Slowly i move farther down
And sometimes lick your nipple

I didn't know it hurt you
When at your thong i tugged
I love it when we're close
And when we tightly hug

When your hand touches me
I want you to do what you want
I'm okay with almost anything you do
I don't care if you tease or taunt

Like when you say i can
Come and lay in your bed
I would be there quickly like
A puppy waiting to be fed

I want to lie beside you
And be with you all the night
We don't have to do anything
You're such a beautiful sight

I am so lucky to be with a
girl as sweet as you are
I love what we do together
Everywhere and in the car

Just to let you know
I am always here for you
And for you I'll do anything
That you want me to

For me, you don't have to do anything
Just us loving each other will do
But forever and for always
I promise baby, I will love you