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I Just Wanna Love You

by edy

Another day past
Since you told me how you feel
But we continue to go out and flirt
Like it's no big deal

Every time you smile
My eyes grow big
It makes me feel good
About what I did

The look of your eyes
True beauty indeed
Whenever you stare at me
I get weak in my knees

Or the touch from your heart
The warmth felt straight through your skin
It makes me feel special
Please let me in

Or your goofy laugh
How it sends chills down my spine
It makes me instantly happy
At just about anytime

Or your inside beauty
Infinite indeed
Learning something everyday
Wow! Lucky me

Where to start
When should I end
There's not enough time
This poem would never end

Crazy this may sound
But don't take it the wrong way
Ive grown attached to you
And it's getting stronger each day

Looking forward to go to sleep
To maybe dream of you
Looking forward to wake up
Hoping that dream will come true

Crazy? Not yet
In love? No way
Thinking of you? All the time
Day after Day

So much I wanna give
So little you'll accept
Don't wanna scare you off
I wanna take things like you said

I want you to see me
And me make you smile
I want you to understand
That "WE" will be worthwhile

I want you to be happy
Feel the warmth I feel inside
I want you to look inside my heart
I promise I have nothing to hide

I can give you a little glimpse
And tell you what I see
How much my world would be complete
The day that you feel that you finally need me.