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You'll Be Replaced

by ** JeNa **

I found out the truth
about how you never cared,
and how I was just a game,
and you were never there.

You said you were only having fun
after you made me fall for you,
but guess what I'm happy now,
and I will never need you.

You wouldn't even tell me the truth
it was all based on a lie.
Why did you make it all up?
You should have at least just said goodbye.

You didn't have to lead me on,
or act like you even cared.
You couldn't even tell me this much.
What did we even share?

All the lies you told me
and the heartbreak you gave.
Why did you do this?
Our relationship you deprave.

But you know what get over yourself
You're really not that great.
It's all gonna come back to you
just wait

Yea you were sweet,
and seemed like a great guy.
But I guess I was wrong
because all you did was lie.

But karma's a b***h,
and it's gonna slap you in the face
for all the s**t you've done,
and know you'll be replaced.