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New feelings

by _simply irresistible_

I don't understand this
why do I feel this way
this was not supposed to happen
oh God, what am I going to say?
my feelings for him have changed
I don't know when or why
but I can not ruin our friendship
because without him I would die
He has always been there for me
a loving, caring friend
but if I confess these new feelings
will all we once had end?
should I take a chance and tell him
or just sit here in silent pain?
there is so much I could loose
but so much more that I could gain
my heart is screaming tell him,
true love is lifes best gift
but my head is getting in the way
with all the stupid if's
I'm slowly going crazy
if I say nothing I will never know
but is the truth worth knowing
if I have to let him go?