Read Love Poems


by Hopeless Romantic

In the darkest hour,
of the darkest day.
I cry myself to sleep,
as you go about your way.

You say never loved me,
that i can already see.
You say you need to leave,
go ahead, i wont grieve!

Because what you don't know,
is that you are your only foe.
While you've been running around,
Ive been at home, holding my ground.

Ive kept the kids clothed and fed,
Ive kept warm my side of the bed.
you're gonna miss our babies smile,
you're gonna want to pick up the phone and dial.

but you've given up your chance,
in me are left no more gifts and grants.
you cheated too many times,
committed to many crimes.

so go on about your way,
as you leave, this i will say.
"Good bye and take care,
isn't life perfectly fair?