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My Friend

by Timothy Bledsoe

I haven't known you
For very long
But the love we share
Is so strong

We've been through much
The good and the bad
I've seen you when you're happy
I've seen you sad

You've given me scares
You've given me alarm
But I've been there to help
I've kept you from harm

You've been on the brink
Of losing everything
But I've always been there
To keep you from falling

You thank me for helping
You think I'm a gift
You thank me for being there
While through emotions you sift

You think I walk on water
You think I hung the moon
But I'm only human
You'll see that soon

I am fallible
You will see
I can't perform miracles
I can't part the sea

To me you are dear
I hold you to my heart
I won't let you suffer
Your burden I'll help cart

Every time I help you
Each time you cope
You do not realize it
But you've given me hope

When I give you comfort
Can't you see
That I don't comfort you
You really comfort me