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The Sweetest Love Story

by herbert mitchell aka Jr

When i first looked into your eyes, i became weak
I was so shy that i couldn't even speak
So i handed you a letter and walked away
Hoping you'd read it, wondering what you'd say

I went to the lake as the sunset
Thinking of you, i swear i couldn't ever forget
The way you smiled and laughed so sweet
Remembering how my heart skipped a beat

Your eyes are more beautiful than the setting sun
When you looked into mine, i knew you were the one
I no longer think back of being so lonely
Because all i need now is you, my one and only

Being hurt in the past only made me stronger
Now i have you and wish my days lasted longer
Watching the rain as it falls from the sky
Kissing your lips as we close our eyes

Making you smile is like a dream come true
Aside from the night i fell in love with you
I'm so happy you read the letter i wrote
If i weren't so shy, i promise i would have spoke

Loving you dearly has always been easy
Never having the feeling that you'd ever leave me
Every night when i dream it's always of you
When i awake i realize my dream came true