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For My Very Own Angel and Best Friend!

by jarrod

Alone and scared,
I sat and feared,
my future as it lay ahead.
Then I was blessed,
touched and caressed,
by something unknown to me.

She held my hands and looked into my eyes.
her smile as fair as the sun,
her eyes as compelling as the stars.
She spoke sweetly and kindly.
I had never been so comforted.

This angel is my best friend!
One whom I can confide in.
We can talk endlessly,
Or just sit in silence.

She promises her eternal love to me
knowing I already profess my heart eternally to her.
she has the exclusive key to my soul.
never will anyone be as blessed as I!

Nothing is as sublime as a love that can go no higher
but still strengthens everyday.
Thus, my heart is now complete.

I met an Angel!
I love an Angel!
An Angel loves me!
!!!I am in Heaven!!!