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A First Love Lasts A Lifetime

by Chelsea R.

It seems like you always come back into my life
Every time I think I'll be okay without you
then I know that I'll never be
it scares me what we've been through

my friends told me I should find a better love
when we got back together
but you never find a better love than your first
that's a love that lasts forever

no matter how young or how old
there's always gonna be that one that got away
the one you'll never forget
the one that without you'll never be okay

it's so hard seeing him with her
because they don't belong
and if me and him are meant to be
then why is he gone

you want to believe there's gonna be another chance
and for some there never will be
but you never lose your first love
the one that once made you so happy

I wish I would've known
for a while that would be our last kiss
because I never would have let you go
and now you're the one I'll always miss

I believe that everything happens for a reason
and maybe this was to make our love last
but I need to feel your arms around me
I don't want us to be just a memory in my past

I pretend that I'm happy
just trying to be strong
but how can I live my life without him
when I'll love him till I'm gone