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Broken Love

by erikka baby

I still don`t understand.
What came between you and me.
We used to be so happy.
Like we were meant to be.

Things just happened so sudden
She came into your life.
Taking you away from me.
Was like getting stabbed with a knife

She might as well of killed me.
She took away my life
The day she walked away with you
Was the day I didn`t want to survive

There`s no point anymore
I`m just not happy without you
You used to hold me so tight
I don`t know what to do

But I hope your happy
You did what you wanted to do
You broke my heart into pieces
And you got the girl too

I`m still picking up those pieces
But it`s really hard to do
I use to have your shoulder to cry on
But now all I have is a tissue