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I Love You*

by Marie

Every night I lay in bed
and think myself to sleep.
I think of how to say this right,
for my thoughts, I shall not keep.
There's something deep inside of me,
that i must now let go.
It's a feeling so strong,
I just can't fight;
it's something I must show.
I can't keep the truth locked up
or deny how I really feel.
I must give in on all the lies
and tell you what's real.
I'm not going to walk away,
pretending I don't care;
it's the thought of you that brings me joy,
and without it, life's unfair.
For a moment, for a second,
everything seems to be so right;
because you take the imperfections.
and make everything alright.
Only you can create this joy, this bliss:
you fulfill my soul with happiness.
Without you, I don't know where I'd be,
because to my heart you are they key.
You're always by my side,
when I don't know what to do;
you leaving me with nothing left to say except:
Baby, I love you.