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Love For My Appearance

by Sarah Ann

You once said you loved me
And the words stood so strong
But quickly they faded away
So I guess that I heard wrong

I blame myself for hating you
Because I wasn't good enough
I thought that we can make it
I guess I didn't have the stuff

Maybe my hair was not great
And my eyes just weren't blue
I am sorry I wasn't so perfect
I wasn't good enough for you

But all I do is see your smile
All day my head lays spinning
I still don't know what to do
For I just don't feel like living

I am sorry that I wasn't perfect
But I am all that I ever could be
I thought that this would be true
That you would love me for me

But I guess that isn't happening
For I can see you walked away
I am sorry I didn't have the body
To make you just want to stay

Sometimes you made me cry
Most of the times we got along
But I do not know why you left
Tell me where it all went wrong

Sorry I didn't have that smile
That you always wanted to see
I thought love came from inside
But I guess that you don't agree

So there now you left me dying
Because I let you have my heart
I should have known it was fake
Should have saw it from the start

All through the lies you told me
Today I am still standing strong
For finally now I have realized
I was right and you were wrong