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I've done something wrong


I have something to tell you
something i need to say
i want you to read this
and not throw it away.
This is my confession
i want you to know the truth
but before you read on please remember
i will always love you.

On this lonely night when i felt down
this one guy turned my life around.
He told me what i wanted to hear
but loosing you was my biggest fear.

He picked me up from my place
thinking of you
i couldn't look at his face.
In his room i sat on his bed
we talked for a while
till i cleared my head.

I've done something wrong
I'm not proud to admit
that night i felt feelings for him a little bit.
I don't know how to say this
but we shared something that night
and now I'm afraid
that we are going to fight.

After it was over i made him take me home
never in my life had i felt so alone.

I'm sorry i never meant to hurt you
i never want to make you cry
but i needed to say this
because the guilt is making me die.

I love you mare than anything
and Ive made a big mistake
Ive acted really stupid
but still,no one can take your place.

That night meant nothing to me
its the one thing i deeply regret
if i could go back in time
I'd make sure we had never met.

Baby, please don't hate me
because i need you by my side
this is the one thing i just cant hide.

What ever happens between us now
ill leave it up to you
But you are my one and only
and my love for you is true!