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Forever Unlit

by ** JeNa **

Where did we go wrong ?
What could we have changed?
Since we parted
my life seems disarranged.

I want you in my life,
at least to be just friends.
I know nothing can ever happen,
because you put that to an end.

I still love you,
but I’m not sure how you feel,
Because you won’t tell me the truth,
but it all seemed so real.

One person said you lied,
and then another agreed,
but I’m just so confused,
and I don’t know what to believe.

Maybe they are right.
Maybe you don’t even care,
but who knows what’s really going on.
They all thought we were the perfect pair.

It’s weird how things turn out.
It’s never how you expect.
One minute you’re a match made in heaven,
and the next your relationship is wrecked.

But I guess it wasn’t meant 2 be,
because you obviously don’t feel the same,
but I thought it was great,
and no one would ever blow out that flame.

Turns out I’m wrong,
and you never wanted it.
You blew out our flame,
and it forever remains unlit.