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I need you

by tabithaa

I like you so much,
I don't know if you care,
I miss seeing you everyday,
I really want you to be there.

I miss your stupid little jokes,
Though, I really don't know what they meant,
I liked them all anyway,
Because it was time, with you, i spent.

I don't know why I feel this way,
Your not suppose to feel the same,
I don't why I want you to,
It's all part of the game.

The game that has me wanting you,
It tears my heart in two,
The game has got me loving you,
But it won't allow me to have you.

Sometimes I wonder why I let it,
Make me feel this way,
I want you to be mine,
To get to stand by you one day.

My heart is breaking silently,
With no one to help me heal,
I see you in my dreams sometimes,
But it never turns out real.

I hate how you can be so happy,
While I am sad and blue,
I guess there is one reason,
You don't love me, but I love you.

This pain I feel is enormous,
It takes all the happiness away,
It takes away the light in me,
You don't know how hard this is for me to say.

I think about you constantly,
I wonder if you think about me,
When I look at you I see an angel,
What do you see when you look at me.

It's OK if you don't care,
Because you never have before,
You know I'll always love you,
But as of now, I'm not so sure.