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Falling in love with you...

by Ashley Van Eperen

I wish i knew
what was going on
in this little heart of mine
Maybe a simple i love you
Maybe I'm just blind.

Ever minute theres something new
going on with us
I don't know if I'd be able to say,
if its love or lust

I don't know why I'm so confused,
I'm too young to feel this way!
15 years of life is lived...
and i still don't know what to say...

Only if i could go back in time
to erase the things I've done
I'd get rid of all my past emotions
to see if you're the one

I don't know if that would help
cause i don't know what to do
Baby, i want so much
to say that this love is true

Only if there was a way
to see inside our hearts,
to know what we have hidden deep
to know where we should start

Maybe its best to say confused,
lost in our own minds
That was as we grow together
we'll learn things over time

Baby even if you're not the one
please know this much is true
I was willing to spend all my time
falling in love with you