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Because I Love You Still

by erikka baby

After all we have been through
The tears still fall the same way
And I'm still in love with you
Like I have been since that first day

No matter how bad I'm hurting
I still have your smile in my mind
But I still cry myself to sleep
And think about you all the time

It's so hard to forget you
When you were my first true love
And everytime I think of you
You get harder to let go of

I wouldn't be hurting this bad
If I haven't loved you so much
I wouldn't cry all the time
If I hadn't of been so crushed

I still wake up in the morning
With a smile on my face
But then I remember your not with me
And that smile I quickly erase

It will take some time to forget you
But I know in my heart I will
For now I'll cry myself to sleep
Because I love you still