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To ****** when I die - a secret of love

by Casey Adams

You never knew I loved you
Or maybe you had guessed?
I loved you with all my heart
deep inside my chest.

I locked away my secret
somewhere in my heart
what if you didn't like me back
would our friendship part?

Tears are running out my eyes
the pain is killing me
Don't you know I love you?
Can't you f!cking see?

I'd do anything for you
as long as we were together
I cherish our friendship heaps
But I'll love you forever and ever.

I wasn't sure what love was
Untill I met with you
I'm not sure what to say
or even what to do

at least when I die
you will know how I feel
of all the things in the world
my heart you had to steel

I hate the way I am,
you dunno what you mean to me
I wish you would unlock my heart
I'd throw away the key

My life that I am living
feels completely screwed
but I just can't stop the feelings
that I'll always have for you.