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The Sweet Salt of My Tears

by Tom Swart

The Sweet Salt Of My Tears

I hear the echo of a million heart beats,
From so long ago when we were young.
I feel the breath of thirty years
Of saying I love you upon my ear.
I can sense the endless touches
And caresses of so many happy nights.
I can see the freshness of your smile
And the twinkle in your eyes.

The hurts of twisted moments come also
When our understanding waned,
But the strong hands of our love
Steadied us and calmed our spirits.
The everlasting currents of your
Love refreshed my hearts bay
And smoothed out the ripples
In my sails.

The walls and chambers of
Our hearts grow old now.
The memories of our life are
Played over and over.
They comfort us and act as
The mortar that binds them.
The smooth surface where many
Thoughts have worn a gentle path,
Is like an old friend.
The soft bark of my heart still
Bares the initials of your love.

The blanket of darkness tucks me in
As I lay here with my love for you.
The compressions of my heart grow heavy
And hollow as I wait for the end.
The warmth of your touch lingers
Upon my brow and the whisper of your hair
Upon my cheek.
As my final moment draws closer,
I pray that you shall feel me my love.
I hope that you will sense my breath
In your heart and feel the peck of
The kiss I place upon your soul.

The sweet salt of my tears refresh me
As they start their long journey
To find the sea of your heart.
They are not tears of sadness,
Nor is there pain in their birth.
They are but the messengers
Sent forth from my heart.
Little drops of my memories
That wet my cheek and put
Out the fire of the love that
Rests upon my lips.
Lips that part with my last breath,
A heart that beats one last time,
A thought for eternity as this
final contraction closes the
last chapter of this life,

I will always love you