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Watching As I Fall

by Sarah Ann

You left me here on my porch
With fresh tears on my cheeks
You said you did not love me
And it was like that for weeks

Why did you break my heart?
I gave you all that I ever had
How could you leave for her?
All of it makes me feel mad

How could you come to me?
And then play with my heart
It isn’t fair it ended like this
You lied right from the start

What did I do wrong to you?
I risked more than you knew
Then you go behind my back
To say that were now through

It hurts to even see your face
As you walk together in hand
Why wasn’t I the one for you?
I find it so hard to understand

You then lifted up my chin
And told me not to be upset
That soon the pain would fade
And then I would just forget

I doubt that it could happen
For I did love you with my all
Thanks for breaking my heart
And for watching me as I fall

sorry this is no good.