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Closed Doors

by greenmunky

I love you
And you love me
Isn't that
How it's supposed to be

In a perfect world
But in my world
Take another guess

My world isn't perfect
As you can see
All I want
Is to be

To be myself
To be true
But most importantly
Be with you

Be with you in the sunshine
Be with you in the rain
Be with you when I'm angry
So you can take away my pain

This pain that
I feel inside
Only hurts
When we collide

I'm not with you
As you can tell
Fact is
My life is h.e.l.l.

I want you by my side
Each and every day
For this
Every night I pray

If you were mine
And I was yours
It would be wonderful
It would open new doors

But you're not mine
And I'm not yours
It breaks my heart
To look at closed doors

Closed doors
Are a painful sight
To look upon
On a dark gloomy night

At this very moment
On this very night
I see you in my mind
And it feels so right

If we were together
And you saw the real me
We would last till the end
If only you would see