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Looking Back

by Mike

As I sit here,
I'm watching you.
Just thinking of,
What I should do.
You look at me,
And I look at you.

And in your eyes,
I can see,
That you've been watching,
right back at me.

I tell myself,
"Go and talk".
But I must make,
That nervous walk.

All the way,
To your seat.
I must go,
So we can meet.

So as I think,
Of what to say.
You stop looking,
And turn away.

I think to myself,
How can this be.
She was looking,
Straight back at me.

So with one last thought,
And one last breath.
I take that walk,
That feels like death.

As I walk,
I start to prey.
Only because,
I forgot what to say.

So as I remember,
This day in my head.
I still don't know,
Just quite what I said.

But I know now,
It was a good thing.
Because starting now,
Your wearing my ring.
As the church bells,
Start to ding.