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Endless Love

by Emilia

I should have told you how I felt
How your words made my heart melt
But it's to late you're really gone
It's to late good bye darling, so long

I wanted everything
I couldn't get enough
I wanted everything
Now everything is lost
I didn't know what I had
Until I've lost you
I didn't know what I had
But I liked your shampoo

Your lipstick on my cheap k-mart shirt
The memory of you that still hurts
I wasted a thousand kisses to kiss
your tears away
I wasted a thousand words just to make you stay

I hear It's a heartach on the radio and I think of you
Bonnie's song make me so blue

I've tasted kisses sweeter than honey
I've tasted kisses like the ocean breeze
But no kiss, not one kiss
Has ever made me feel like this

You know I still love you