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Falling back in love

by BECCA lessTHANthree

Just yesterday i met him
he seemed like the perfect guy
sop i casually walked up to him
smiled and said hi
he smiled back at me
and asked me to sit down
& we started talking when
i noticed i lost my frown
i thought that this was great
its amazing I'm moving on
my first love is really over
i think its really gone
but just as we were walking out
i saw him standing there
and as he waved and said hello..
i was wishing.. i wouldn't care
but i cant help it
its how i feel
it'll always be this way
forget about the other guy
theres nothing he can say
to make me feel like hes the "one"
that causes me to frown
cause its always gonna be like this
when i find someone new
ill think I'm moving on..
just to fall back in love with yew..