Read Love Poems


by Mandy Lou

I'll take out your picture
And stare for a while
Thinking how amazing it is
That I'm the reason for that smile
Your eyes sparkle
It's easy to see
And I'm happy to say
That you're in love with me
It's taken me some time
To finally realize
That it's love that's taken over
That you are my prize
I'll love you forever and more
You'll always be in my soul
I'll never break your heart
For it's you that makes me whole!

You are my everything
My heart, my world
It's amazing to me
I wasn't just another girl
I didn't want to trust you
I was so scared of love
I'd been hurt so many times
It was heart break I was scared of
Many had taken my love
And never given it back
I was so scared
I'd fallen in a trap
But you gave me your hand
And pulled me to my feet
I've finally realized
It was destiny to meet

You've pulled me from the shadows
Out from where I can hide
I would never see the sun
If you'd not been by my side
You saved me from a fate
I was never meant to live
Now I hand you everything
I've ever had to give
I trust you now more than ever
And I know you love me
I've loved you from the first day
And now I finally see
I see that you'd never hurt
Abase, ashame or abandon
I'm just so glad I fell
And on you I landed

There's no one in this world
I could ever want more
You're the one I love
The one I'd been searching for