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I Miss It All...

by Sarah Ann

I miss the days we used to talk
And both sit upon the ground
I miss you making me laugh
Without even making a sound

I miss how it was fit together
Like we were so meant to be
I miss the nights we had it all
When it was only you and me

I miss how you used to smile
Whenever I was walking by
I miss the fact we were one
There was not any other guy

I miss the breathtaking kisses
And the hugs we used to share
I miss you holding me tight
When no body else was there

I miss all the nights we spent
And how we loved to dance
I miss how it was meant to be
But we quickly lost the chance

I miss you, and I still can't say
How I want you baby so much
I miss how my heart could fly
Before it suffered Cupid's touch

I miss running into your arms
The only person who was true
But the thing I miss the most
Is simply...being loved by you