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Ask Again Later

by Carlee Ann

You made me laugh
And kept me going
With your smile
My heart kept growing

You'd make a great boyfriend
There is no doubt about that
But where you are
Is different than where I'm at

I'm not able to commit
And I want my relationships to last
Unlike so many others
I want mine real, not fast

In this day and age it seems
Everyone is rushed to love
But just a quick week or two
Is just not enough

If you really like me
You won't mind the wait
I hope you understand I'm not ready
Trust me, it's not you, you're great

It might take a while
Before I'm willing to try
But right now I'm just a kid
And I just want to live my life

I see everyone around me
Hurrying to be adults and date
But to me it just seems overrated
I believe in fate

Don't think this is about you
For surely, it's about what I feel
And just now, I can't go out
It just seems unreal

My heart wanted to say yes
But I listened to my mind
If I was to date anyone
You'd be the perfect kind

If things were different
If I was just another teenager in this world
I wouldn't hesitate in taking you
But I'm a different kind of girl

And trust me, it's hurt me a little
People can't understand why
I want to turn down everyone
Even when it's the nicest guy

But it's so complex
And I'm sure you'd find I am too
It's difficult to explain
How it's really me and not at all you

I'm sorry that I had to say no
But I really just can't do it
Maybe you'd be better off
If I was one to forget

If you are still around
When I come to be ready
And if you still care
And if you still want to take me

I'll say yes and give it a try
You probably think I'm such a traitor
I'm sorry I'm not ready yet
Please, ask again later