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Our Lips Meet

by xBrokenxxWingsx

For one moment
our lips meet
it's so wonderful,
delicate, and sweet

Your touch is soft,
tender, and true
just one kiss
and I'm addicted to you

For that one second
I'm complete
when our souls connect
when our lips meet

for that one moment
the bad is good
everything's in place
just as it should

no one is evil
there is no sin
I feel hapiness
rise deep within

when your lips
are in place
every pain
is magically erased

for that one second
there is nothing wrong
when I feel your hot flesh
I feel so strong

everything is perfect
the world is full and bright
I press against your lips and
convey my love with all my might

so perfectly serene
so perfectly complete
all this in the second
in which our lips meet