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I want the poisonous Kiss

by Emily

I can't believe you
Broke my heart
Sent me so much pain
And ripped me apart
My hearts bleeding
devil's love,
An evil liquid
Of blackened blood
A darkened soul,
Cries at night
I wish I was with you
Your arms around me tight
The memories I hold on to,
Seem to be so cold
I never knew when I held your hand
What story would unfold
No matter what,
Your always on my mind
An unbearable pain in my heart
is growing worse with time
My soul is crying out
"Please come back to me!"
But my minds telling me no
"You two just can't be"
I know I want to kiss you,
But I'll be poisoned with more pain
My hearts saying no,
There's nothing to gain
I don't know how love
Could end up like this
All I know is
I want that poisonous kiss