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I'll Never Be With You

by B4BY BLU3 X

I do not know what to think
I do not know what to do
I am sitting here in tears
Because I will never be with you
I thought you would be the one
To take away my feelings of blue
But now I can see
That I was so truely wrong
I have been thinking a long time
About you and me
But now I can see
That maybe it was never meant to be
Where do I go from here?
What am I meant to think?
I think of you, and shed a tear
As my confidence slowly sinks
I could not care less
About anything other than you right now
I feel such a mess
How did I fall for you so quickly?
Tell me...How?!
You are so perfect in my mind
I do not want no one else but you
But my friends keep telling me
That in time
I will find
Someone new
I do not think I can believe them this time
As I like you so much
I can not help but imagine the wedding bells chime
But you will never have feelings for me like that as such...