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To Be With You

by Sarah Ann

I wish I can tell you what’s in my heart
But the words won’t come from the start
My legs start buckling and I feel weak
My tongue gets twisted so I can’t speak

I stumble on the floor as I see your face
My mind feels so lost and out of place
I know that you left for me an open door
But I walk to the front and I cant no more

My hands get sweaty and I start to shake
And then I make another huge mistake
If I could only be a part of your world
I would do anything to be your one girl

I would cross the very ocean and the sea
Anything that would make you notice me
I’d sell my life; I don’t care at any cost
Because without you I am lonely and lost

I would like to know if you feel the same
But I am afraid, so my secret will remain
But if I have to wait forever, that I will do
For I’ll give my all to finally be with you