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The White Box

by Katrina Boblina

I looked at her sadly,
The word "SORRY",
into her bloodied arm
was carved delicately.

She lie there...
I found myself sighing,
a beautiful figure
Was silently crying.

The note was lain
Across her chest so,
With a white box
Tied neatly with a bow.

I opened the note,
read it with tears.
She said she saved
The box for years.

Tear stained words,
explained to me
She felt no one loved her,
That no one could see.

Almost frightened,
I untied the ribbon.
Opened the box
and peered in.

Nothing but a ring
lie in the cardboard coffin
helplessly it shone
so dead and forgotten.

The wind flipped the note
The back messily read,
"I never opened this box myself,
And now I am dead.

From my boyfriend
This box was done
He told me to open it
when our hearts became one."

Why didn't she open it?
I wondered angrily
For my curiosity
Wanted me to see.

The young girl,
she didn't know,
Someone DID love her,
Before she let go.