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Take My Breath Away

by Sarah Ann

You leave me breathless
I do not know what to do
From the moment we met
I fell so in love with you

To me you are my heaven
A place where I love to be
For you are my one desire
Filling up every part of me

I really love you so much
More than words can say
For I would do anything
To be with you every day

You are more than I want
I can’t live if we are apart
Because you always were
A big piece of my heart

There is still a lot unsaid
For I loved you so long
But if I knew how to write
I could write you up a song

And if I knew how to fly
I’d fly around your soul
I’d fly to the moon for you
Because you make me whole

For me it is to ride or die
Though you do not believe
For whenever I’m around you
It’s harder for me to breathe

Words are not expressive…
What else is there to say
I don’t know how you do it…
But you take my breath away