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Without you

by Arora

Feeling my Hurt
Wiping my Tears

Siting alone
without you near

You left me
In the Cold

With nothing
But Myself

Out there to rot
Alone with no one else

I wanted to be with you
I wanted to stay forever

I never thought you'd have to go
At least never did I think PuertoRico

I call you everyday
Tears fill my eyes

You're fading away
In my mind

All I see now
Are your Blue-green eyes

Sometimes I wonder
if you ever think of me
Or how my eyes look

I want you back
I need you back

Please hear my plea
And come back to me

You asked me out
Once again

This time do you
Think we'll remain?

Together forever
is what I wish

I'll love you forever

I want to die together

After all, you are
My most Beloved treasure