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Love is when

by XxTeArSxX17


Love is when you
Don’t want to have
Fun because there
Not there with you

Love is when you
Think about them
All day and dream
About them all night

Love is when you go
Out with friends to
Have some fun you
Could have 10 of the
Hottest guys in front
Of you but you still
Want the person you love

Love is when you wait
And wait for them to
Call you and you cry
When they hang up

Love is when you
Just want to see
Them and only
Them, no one else

Love is when he has
You telling your girls
To make plans with
Some one else because
You want your time
Spent with him

Love is when your
Heart feels something
In side it when your
Around him you can’t
Explain it with words

Love is when you
Would give up
Everything for him
And do what ever
You could to be
With him

Love is when he has
A part of your heart
And the biggest
Part there is

Love is when he has
The key to your heart
And when only he can
See through your eyes

Love is when you
Only what him to be
In your life when
No one else can compare

I guess I love him
And a lot as you
Can see he’s apart
Of me because
With out him I
Would not be me, with
Out him I would
Not know what do
Because with out
Him I would only
Be broken in 2