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So In Love

by A Broken Bleeding Soul

A new feeling I've never felt before
Makes me smile, makes my heart soar
A wide smile straight across my face
Something has filled in my heart's empty space

How do I feel this by just talking to you
How does this love feel so pure and true
You talk to me as if you'll be there until the end
And through it all, you'll still be a true friend

What's happening, this smile won't go away
But I hope it stays for yet another day
Or maybe it can stay for eternity
And hopefully, become a part of me

My eyes glisten with life, like a shinning star
The ones which you admired from afar
But now you can look straight into my eyes
And hold me down as my heart flies

This feeling is none other that I can explain
As your tender touch drives me insane
And this love between us is so great and true
Even though it's just blossoming, it's still new

*So in love*