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Footsteps of an Angel

by Ashli

I lay awake in my bed one night
Thinking about everything that had been
I couldn't help but think of you
Every now and again

I thought of all the times we'd shared
And all the laughs we'd had
All the times I got mad and cried
All the times that we were sad

That night is when I realized
I was still in love with you
There was nothing I could do about it
Nothing at all to do

I started thinking of you as my angel
Sent from heaven above
What was I doing without you?
Why wasn't I drowning in your love?

So I called you up the next day
And told you I wanted you back
You said "that's great!"
And now we're back on track

Holding hands, kissing every chance we get
I had my angel in my arms, everything was perfect.
When I'd see him in the halls at school
I'd fall in with the footsteps of an angel.