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I Cry For You

by B4BY BLU3 X

I'm sitting here alone
Thinking about you
You think I am too young
And I do not know what to do

My feelings for you
Are getting stronger
But I do not know what the future holds
I will have to wait longer

I am starting to cry
As i hope to hear you say
'I love you Emma
I wish we could be together some day'

But good things like that
Will not happen to me
I will do anything to be with you
I would get down on my knee

But you do not understand
And you probably do not care
But whenever you need me
You know I am always gonna be here

Last night I feel asleep with headphones in my ear
Listening to a song that reminded me of you
I can not help but think about
The little things you do

I long for the day
That I can see you again
Even though I know
We will never be more than just friends