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Hearts Masquerade

by David Munoz

My soul is hurting
It cries out for you
Longing for your presence
Something to cling to

Without you I'm nothing
Like a muted bell
Awake but half asleep
Just a empty shell

Once again I'm hollow
Like a song without it's words
I am stranded on this earth
While you fly among the birds

But all the while I wear my mask
Pretending everything is just fine
Although inside I am broken
For I cannot call you mine

But my heart rejoices
Even in the midst of tears
For it sees your happiness
And laughter is all it hears

How can I be happy
When my soul just sits and cries
Because your love is not my goal
Your happiness is my prize

Your happiness is everything
For it I'd do anything you ask
Swallow my pride and emotion
And even wear a mask