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So Much To Say...

by Sarah Ann

I am writing a poem for my baby boy
My world, who means so much to me
His eyes are very green and beautiful
He is everything that I want him to be

Whenever I am angry or feeling sad
He is there standing right by my side
We developed our very strong bond
Where no part of love can be denied

It’s like every single time I see him
I wish to spend the night in his eyes
When I am with him I feel wonderful
It is a feeling that I just can’t describe

Baby I know you will not understand
How much you really do mean to me
You done me more than I ever needed
For you stole my heart and set it free

You spoke to me a thousand words
Gave me a feeling no one can change
You fit yourself inside my very heart
Inside a place that seemed so strange

I do not know how to explain to you
How you lift me up when I was down
Baby with everything you done for me
Because you turned my world around

Every night I will write you a poem
If not that often, so every other day
For I could write another for forever
And still have so much more to say