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My love

by Romy Rose

You saw,
what nobody could see,
That's the reason,
you found me.

You didn't care,
about how I looked,
For me you would do,
whatever it took.

You went
all the way,
Immediately forgot
stupid things I might say.

Bringing me up
when I was down,
Making me feel a princess,
we only missed the crown.

The way you protected me,
sometimes it was absurd,
In the beginning,
love was only a word.

The meaning for you,
I want to be that one,
In return,
for all you've done.

That's the way,
I want to show my love and care,
For I know,
you'll always be there.

I want you to know,
my heart is for you,
I'll always remember,
the things we went through.

But we've made it,
everyone should see,
May this last forever,
because we are meant to be..