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The things you don't see

by Rachel

You look in the mirror
You look right by
The things that I see
when I look in your eyes
This outlasting kindness
that not many possess
You're amazing, you glow
never think any less
You may not believe me,
and that is alright
Because in my eyes your an angel
surrounded by light
Someone who can stop and listen
to their heart
Even though we are miles apart
I am with you
I'm in the air that you breathe
And I my dear will never leave
I am your friend now and for life
Through times soft as shadows
and days sharp as knifes
I am here to protect you
make you smile, and to laugh
Never feel inclined to do anything
on my behalf
I am just glad I got to meet
someone as wonderful as you
So many things inside
I just wish you knew
The gifts you don't see inside
are the reasons..
That.. I.. love.. you