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Kiss Me One Last Time

by xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex

Give me my last breath through yours,
Kiss me one last time.
Don't let me die without your love,
Let me see this light above.
You're everything to me,
But what am I to you?
I'm ready to share a life with you,
Will you just say 'I do'?
My heart aches without you,
I can't breathe at all,
I ask you for your care
And for a life with you to share.
Please accept me for what I say,
You're perfect in every way
And you mean the world to me;
Don't you see?
I need you and only
I never want to loose you,
But I'm afraid I've all ready lost you;
Tell me it's not true?
Just kiss me gently,
Be my everything.
Share forever with me,
You're exactly what I need.
I'll try to never hurt you again,
And when I do
Know it's because I'm scared to loose you.
Love me gently
And hold me close,
Tell me you love me
And I'll love you most.