Read Love Poems


by cowgirlstar26

I look to the sky, I see you fly by
So beautiful and free, as happy as can be

I look to the ground, and see the chains
the ones that bound you, that gave you great pain

I shout to the wind, "Farewell and goodbye"
You look back at me, while I start to cry

I think about the days, the times that we shared
I remember the words, how much I cared

I remember, how new, how special to me
our relationship was, the joy it gave me

Now I see you in the distance, headed towards the sea
I whisper to you, be free, be free
At the same time, I feel alost and alone
For my life revolved around you, and you alone

I sacrificed my time, my thoughts, and my friends
For I thought it would all be worth it in the end

This isn't how I expected the end to be
I thought it would last for eternity

Right now I can't figure out a few things
Like the things you said, that you didn't mean

Didn't mean, or believe, its all the same to me
Because at the same time I listened and I believed

Then you started to change, turning angry and mean
Had I gotten too close, that you call me a fiend

I tried to listen, I wanted it to work
all you said was, "get away from me, you jerk"
here is only so much, a man can take
I think you knew this, wanting me to break

You pushed and you pushed, and finally won
I fell in the mud, and you started to run

Run away from responsibility, and lots of dedication
To the life you want, that is one giant vacation

One day you will realize, what you had, and lost
a friend who cared, and would give at all costs

Now we split, go off on our own seperate ways
And only one thing left, which I want to say

"Take care my love, once dearest friend to me
Fly off in the wind, be free, be free"