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I only want you

by XxTeArSxX17


One single tear is in

my eyes one in each

side, your the one this

I know I see it in my

dreams and feel it in

my heart I know I want

you for my mind thinks

about nothing but you.

I want everyone to know

it and that means you to.

I have been with other

people and I hang out

with other guys but not

one of them make me

feel the way you do.

They can’t compare

for your the one I want

the only one I see. I

know in my heart I can

trust you with every

inch of me I can tell

you my fears and you

would chase them away

I could tell you my dreams

and you would try your

hardest to make every last

one come true I can give

my heart for I know deep

in my soul that you never

do nothing to brake it apart.

For all I want is you to see

how much you make me

feel and all I have left to

say is that the only guy

I want is you