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Just For You To Know

by Sarah Ann

I can fall in love all over again
Or get asked by a thousand men
None of them can change my mind
About the things I chose to find

Now that I have you I won’t let go
I love you so much you don’t know
Because you helped me grow wings
And I’d risk the loss of everything

Anything to show my love is true
All because I am in love with you
For you I’d walk a mountain high
Or take trips in a cloudy sky

Even walk upon the deserts sand
And I know you don’t understand
But truth is that for you I would die
You are in every single tear I cry

Nothing so far will ever compare
To the wonderful love that we share
Just thinking of you, I lose control
Only you can make me feel whole

You set me free and let me live
And gave me all you had to give
I once thought love was far away
Until you said you are here to stay

You are a sent angel from above
And now I give you all my love
You proved that love could be true
I thank god for blessing me with you

All my painful memories erased
Since you touched that lonely place
Misery was all my heart ever knew
Until that special day that I met you

So here it is, I wanted to say
That I am always here to stay
No matter when or even where
If you need me I will be there
And though it is hard to show
I wrote this so you will know
That all my love for you is true
Till the end I will be loving you