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The Abyss

by Dark Kitten

In great peril for the abyss of the future,
my heart...ever lasting,
so very full of grief,
the pain was unbearable,
i could not have lasted long,
for i am a born killer,
womanizers die beneath the blade in my grasp,
to suffer this immense pain,
would have taken my sanity,
to give it all up for that final day of relief?
would give me an eternity of pain beyond imagination,
until the day i found myself a stalker,
he stalked me and stalked me and would not leave me be,
i would have killed him to,
if it weren't that he amused me,
he gave me the very light from the sun,
told me i was beautiful,
at first i thought it a silly request,
but to stay with him forever,
would let me rest peacefully in the abyss,
without the pain,
without the grief,
without the reaper at my feet,
if you now gave me the choice,
either die in peace for ever,
or live with the chance of his death,
i would not give him up for the world,
for he is my peace in the abyss.