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Letting him go

by XxTeArSxX17


I can’t be waiting for you no more
I know this but yet for you I still yearn.
This is the last one this is my last plea
I love you with all of me but were not
together and are love can not be so with
this I am letting go, a friend you will
always be I'll be there for you when ever
you call I'll be there for you when ever
you fall but I cant go on waiting for
you waiting for you to call I am sick
and tired I cant do it no more this love
I have for you will soon be no more
though I will still love you and though
I always will now it's my time to let you go,
but the feeling I will hide deep with in me
the feelings I have for you I wont let show but
they are there but now I am going to ignore
them and give my heart some air so here I go
repressing all my feelings for you and some
how I am going to make my self let you go .


if you commetn i be sure to do the same