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An Unforgettable Memory

by erikka baby

Memories are moments
That you never want to forget
Stuck in your head forever
Never there being a regret
I loved him with everything I had
I would of given him the world
I would of done anything
To always stay his girl
He always called me beautiful
And loved playing with my hair
My parents absolutely loved him
They said we were the perfect pair
Our first kiss was so awesome
It meant everything to me
But now all thats stuck in my head
An unforgettable memory
Somethings change, and people do too
We grew apart
The best of us always do
It`s something that just happened
We didn't talk as much
We both went our separate ways
Stopped eating together at lunch
It`s funny now, as I look back
I see how close me and him used to be
But that was another one of those things
An unforgettable memory