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Story of the Ice Princess

by Hans Fausto

I close my eyes and enter my dreams

then i see a castle, beautiful it seems

it just stands there, sparkling with glee

and so i chose to enter and not to flee

there i am greeted by an angel-like figure

the Ice Princess, my saviour

she changed my life, like a free dove

she froze my strife and taught me love

she gave me strength to fight my fears

then she would embrace me to freeze of my tears

we would dance all night in the palace of ice

never to lose sight of each others eyes

her beautiful appearance and her warm caring heart

i wish to never let go

but things go ablur

and fear strikes my heart

i cant love you like this

for now we must part

for if this goes on

great pain i might give you

for this is but a dream

something i wish was never true

i know this is something i will surely regret

and something i will never forget

now i must return

to my world of blissful pain and lore

but sooner or later

ill love you once more

for in my heart youll be my princess

forever more